About TGL

 Turf Grass & Landscape (TGL) was started 25 years ago by Barry to provide professional, courteous and complete landscape services to properties and communities in South Florida. 


Installing 3,000 Annuals


Barry is best known for his no-nonsense and practical approach in meeting customers' needs and getting the job done with a "we will handle it" attitude.  


As a multi-faceted business owner, he understands the  struggle between the desire to improve appeal and value while   respecting any  budgetary restraints.  This creatively challenges him daily and keeps him highly motivated. 


 TGL is not only devoted to it's clients, but also to the employees for their consistant dedication and work ethic. Most of the TGL team have been loyal employees for over 15 years.  This is exceptional considering the difficult, sometimes redundant nature of the work, especially while battling heat and weather in South Florida. 





Let our remarkable team prove  what they can do for you!